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Jul 23



she’s so many things to me.

l·o·v·[luhv]  - noun

a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection,
as for a parent, child, or friend.

(via albinwonderland)

true story (namely because i just got asked about it).

remember those books i promised to send out free of charge?

well, i sent them out to y’all along with a few books specifically for my lil brother. 

about two weeks ago i got the books for my kid brother back. the package was all marked up, insufficient postage and a return to sender and a not received and no address stuff? weird. then i got all the other packages back. 

this is to say, for accountability’s sake, i have all the books ago. THEY’RE COMING. PLEASE DON’T RESENT ME. or do, i can’t tell you how to feel. 

but, that’s my story/explaination. xxoo, my queers. books asap. 

no, but seriously, ask box it up, yo.


am i tumbling right yet? :*

the real problem with facebook was i always stayed on it long enough to feel bad about myself. this has been proven true yet again as mc left hers up on my computer and after not having one for a month, i did that very thing. 


He picked up a pebble
and threw it into the sea.

And another, and another.
He couldn’t stop.

He wasn’t trying to fill the sea.
He wasn’t trying to empty the beach.

He was just throwing away,
nothing else but.

Like a kitten playing
he was practising for the future

when there’ll be so many things
he’ll want to throw away

if only his fingers will unclench
and let them go.

Small boy-Norman MacCaig

forgot about sun’s storyline in the first season. sobbing. 


a girl can dream that she’d be kate on the island, but in all seriousness i’d probably be that extra with the way too long hair and the way too short 90’s collared crop top from episode 2. 


Jul 22
good night. zzzzz. 

good night. zzzzz. 

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