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Apr 16


Downtown Cincinnati, July, 1972. Bookmobile on Fountain Square.

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I want you to think of me naked. Picture me
in bed (that’s where I envision you taking me;
simple, obvious, classic, plain even). 
I imagine you’re nervous about your body your white boy chicken legs
your working class young man midsection
I even think you cut your own hair

oh god
what am I doing here
I’m a dirty bird

Picture me naked. Really conjure up the lighting.
Is my ass, the peaks of it, illumined by daylight?
Is the time of day 2:14pm because
we couldn’t wait for tea?
Are the sheets on the floor, or wrapped around me like
seafoam? Seafoam and jellyfish hair, you a shy clam your pearl
is some innuendo I haven’t thought of yet.

What am I saying?
Have you seen the ocean?

I imagine you’re bad in bed. 
Not bad, just not a woman, not what I’m used to. 
This is part of the fantasy. 
You’re like someone who hates calculus—yeah you can add and subtract, but what is the power of N squared to the?

My descriptions are rooted in affection, 
please don’t read into this, the language says more about what 
a creep I am than what a wholesome and cornfed and prayerful
boy you are. 

I want you to think of me naked. 
Think of me naked, and not as the strange girl
who dreams up such scenarios while watching you
engrossed in your work. 

If we could all be so engrossed in our work. 

Apr 10

I don’t want another LifeProTip. 

I don’t need a list of lists that will change my life. 

Ladies, life is not a list. 

Gentlemen, love is not a good tagline. 

If I need to write a poem for you to understand

what the space within

the 24 hours we’ve constructed

to constitute a day






(if/then, a logic puzzle always has a strong beginning)

Then There is Hardly Any Hope for Us At All.

Isn’t there? 

Because a poem will not tell you anything

that turning off your TV,

putting on your shoes,

and walking down the street

with your eyes open

cannot explain

in ten seconds flat. 

all I’m saying is live. 


live like what life is,

and not the words we’ve sounded out to define it. 

whatever it is.

get it?

Apr 6

here is a list of titles i’m literally giving away.

i’m listing these same ones on fb and bookmooch. if you’re interested, and not weirded out, message me whatever mailing address you’d like it sent to and for totally free i’ll ship it to you. i’m just trying to get these books to a good home. i’ll italicize them out as they are shipped away to avoid confusion. 

*update, woah, that worked well. those bolded titles are still very available. takers? 

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh (play; irish; prison setting; mental disability)

Bash: Three Plays by Neil Labute (play; one-act; satire; dark)

Immigrants in Our Own Land and Selected Early Poems by Jimmy Santiago Baca (poetry; immigration themes)

Apocalyptic Swing by Gabrielle Calvocoressi (poetry; female author)

Rose by Li-Young Lee (poetry; romance; eroticism;loss)

Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties by Felicia Luna Lemus (queer topics; female author; urban backdrop)

The Road by Cormac McCarthy (apocalyptic; father-son journey)

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (near future; dystopian; classic)

Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest by John Updike (hedonism; american dream; male perspective; modern classic)

Hamlet by William Shakespeare (c’mon.)

August: Osage County by Tracy Letts (play; familial issues; southern issues; drug abuse)

Goethe’s Theory of Colors (nonfiction)

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson (nonfiction; education)

Blue is the Warmest Color by Julia Maroh (queer topics; lesbians; female author; graphic novel; french)

The Most Massive Woman Wins by Madeleine George (play; female topics; female author; body issues)

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie (play)

Othello by William Shakespeare (play)

American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies by Michael W. Kauffman (nonfiction; american history; conspiracies)

A Book of Common Prayer by Joan Didion (international relations; female author; intrigue)

The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon (modern fiction; post-modern; satire)

Solitude: A Return to Self by Anthony Storr (nonfiction; studies on artists; artistry)

Chorus: A Literary Mixtape by Saul Williams (poetry; compilation; modern)

A Shakespeare Glossary by C. T. Onions (nonfiction; glossary)

Posthumous Keats by Stanley Plumly (nonfiction; biography; poetry)

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (fiction; dystopian; future; historical)

A Language Older Than Words by Derrick Jensen (nonfiction; environmentalism; abuse; childhood; naturalism)

Keys to the Rain: The Definitive Bob Dylan Encyclopedia by Oliver Trager (nonfiction; Bob Dylan)

The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women by Jessica Valenti (nonfiction; female author; feminism; cultural critique)

An Arrow Pointing to Heaven: A Devotional Biography by Rich Mullins/James Bryan Smith (nonfiction; religious; devotional; biography)

Apr 2

my only ultimatum?

either you give kate bush an open minded listen, or you walk out that door. 

Mar 30

while (not) writing my paper on jennifer egan’s modern classic, i decided to make some fan art. i present you with my humble creation, the gern squerd. shout out to my contemporary novel prof for letting me take the class, and make these doodles, while being absent from the actual classroom.

i have a paper due on a visit from the goon squad, but like. no. 

if anyone has any thoughts on a visit from the goon squad, please let me know.

thus far, i’ll be writing primarily about the narrative structure, the powerpoint chapter, and little else. i enjoyed the book, found it a literary achievement and a solid read, but it simply did not resonate with me. rhea and sasha reached me, as well as sasha’s daughter and the entire chapter about la doll. otherwise, i can’t articulate why, but it simply wasn’t for me. but i will recommend it time and again because it is an intelligent and incredibly well done work. 

stayed up til 4am last night finishing this book. an astonishing, dangerous work. i can’t recall the last time i felt so called to action than by the words of this book. every woman, and any men she knows, must read. 
photo taken from microcosm publishing. 
support women, support healing, support change. 

stayed up til 4am last night finishing this book. an astonishing, dangerous work. i can’t recall the last time i felt so called to action than by the words of this book. every woman, and any men she knows, must read. 

photo taken from microcosm publishing

support women, support healing, support change. 


Just a bunny licking a window. You know how it goes.


Just a bunny licking a window. You know how it goes.

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Mar 28

while i think #100happydays is supposed to be photos, today is just words. small happiness comes from finding out you can add a required class and get the credit after dropping it due to a misunderstanding. small happiness is the professor working with you to do the class online. small happiness is your gf making sausage egg biscuits for breakfast. small happiness is a 3pm call time. 

thank heaven for small favors. 

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