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Aug 4

shed no tears for me, light no candles for my sake..

Ah. You’re here again I see.
Seeking the final resting place for your night.
Place yourself inside me.
Fill me momentarily,
Let me describe in exquisite terms a most carnal act
“I’ll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes.”
I’ll bet you will.
As you carefully forcefully purposefully dance your body into mine I greet you with a tight grasp and a warm wet kiss.
Stay a while.
But you won’t.
And as you fill me with the fruition of your expectation, I fear nothing and hold fast to the flanks of your shoulders.
My body, full of chemicals to kill the American dream starter kit, is so happy to have housed you.
A final resting place for your long night,
Clean sheets and cleaner teeth,
You may go now.
And you do.
Good night, sleep tight, it was so nice to have seen you in the dark.

Ah. You’re here again I see.
Seeking a final resting place.
I know a lovely way to die.